If you’re here, then I know that you’re on a path of healing and service, and you are answering the call . . . of your soul, of the animals, of the planet.

You’re here to live your dream, fulfill your purpose, and change the world.

And yet, you may be asking yourself: Who am I to have this dream? How can I change the world when I’ve got bills to pay, mouths to feed, and a boss to please? And maybe you’re even questioning if this is really your calling or whether you’re cut out for this path because it hasn’t worked out for you yet.

I get it. Not that long ago, I felt stuck in my life: my job paid the bills but I was afraid of saying “yes” to myself and my dreams because they seemed so far-fetched and I didn’t know how I could make money doing what I wanted to do. I was a wife and mom with responsibilities that I took seriously and I thought that they came before me and my crazy dreams.

I used to question my calling, ignore my dreams and my divine guidance, and take what I considered to be the “safe” route.

I don’t do that anymore.

And I can show you how to stop doing it, too, so you can say “yes” to yourself and your dream.

Say “yes” to yourself and your dream.

Together we’ll connect you with your truth, refine your vision, and free the authentic voice of your soul. So you can live the life you’re here to live.

We’ll tap into the magic of the natural world, the wisdom of the animals, and the guidance of your heart to help you create a life that is sacred, playful, authentic, open, wild, free, magical, and enlightening.