Pet Mediumship Readings

“Goodbyes are only for those who love with their eyes…because for those who love with their hearts and souls, there’s no such thing as separation.”     Rumi

Intuitive Pet Medium Readings: One of my favorite things to do is to talk to the spirits of animals that have made their transition. Using a photo, or simply an animal’s name and description, I contact the pet and facilitate a dialog between pet and people. This brings such peace to families and the messages that pets have can be truly profound. Many people experience lasting peace, joy, and optimism after just one of these sessions. The love that pets have for their people continues after they die and keeps them connected to their human families.

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Jen's pet

“I really cannot thank you enough. I truly am feeling SOO much better. Don’t get me wrong, I still miss her terribly and would love nothing more than to be snuggling her right now, BUT I am finally feeling at peace with her passing. I sat in “her chair” that evening and talked to her and could absolutely feel her presence in my lap. Truly magical. The work you do is simply amazing!”

Jen Mullen VanBarringer, Cinnaminson, New Jersey


Nichole's pet

“Thank you so much again, Cara. Our conversation with Duke was incredible and it would not have been possible without your amazing gift. The fact that you saw him running down the beach when we asked what his favorite thing to do was — now that puts a huge smile on my face. All in all the session was incredible. We still love him with all of our hearts and miss Duke’s presence as our beloved dog. Our lives will never ever be the same without him here, but knowing that he’s okay and still feels our love really helps me not to feel so sad. Thanks so much!”

Nichole O’Hanlon, Delran, New Jersey


Geraldine and her pet

“When I laid my sweet dog Brazen to rest, I couldn’t imagine my life without her. Before our session, I was apprehensive because the grief I was feeling was so intense that I felt vulnerable to hear something I wasn’t prepared to hear. But I felt absolutely comfortable as soon as we began. Our session allowed me to find a level of comfort that I so needed to make sense out of something that I just couldn’t. Thank you, Cara, for the work that you do. I strongly believe that anyone who is hurting from the loss of a beloved pet can find comfort and peace through a session with you. Our pets are often more wise than we are and sometimes, we need to hear their voice over our human emotions and desires. I must add that after our session I went out and purchased a desk to take the place of Brazen’s crate and belongings that I did not have the courage to put away – until after our session. And now I write this email to you from my new desk and it is here that my grief is now transformed to inspiration.”

Geraldine Abergas, New York,NY,


Greg Lewis

“My reading with Cara helped me understand my dog Glory’s role in my life and how much she was in tune with our family and how much she regarded herself as the canine version of my wife. She was a being of great wisdom that held our family in love and glory. She loved us the same way we loved her. We didn’t know how much she loved us and how tuned into each of us she was and we didn’t know that she knew her important role.”

Greg Lewis, Colorado



“Good Morning Cara! I just wanted to share this with you! Bishop is the Boxer on top and Lyrique is on the bottom. Thank you again for that amazingly wonderful reading! It still brings tears to my eyes!!.”

Kristy Endo-Bennett, Edwardsville, Kansas