the Law of Attraction WORKS FOR EVERYONE BUT YOU?

What would your life be like if your deepest-held dreams came true?

How would it feel to be sharing your gifts, making good money,

feeling vibrant, alive and healthy AND living your purpose?

Imagine that life right now . . . Are you ready to live it now?

With my 1 on 1 Coaching, you will:

  • Connect to Your Inner Truth
  • Clear Limiting Beliefs and Inner Blocks to Success
  • Learn to Use the Principles and Practices of Conscious Co-Creation
  • Make YOUR Dreams Come TRUE

When you combine Tools of Conscious Living with Tools for Spiritual Transformation, Co-Creating your dream life becomes fun and easy.

We think of our world as 3-dimensional, but we actually live our lives in 2 dimensions: The Goal Line and The Soul Line.

The Goal Line comes into play whenever we are moving toward creating something new in our lives; for example, starting a business, making 6 figures, getting a degree, or losing 10 pounds.

The Soul Line represents our movement upward in our consciousness. This is the dimension of personal growth and spiritual evolution. This is the aspect of our lives where we address our curriculum – the spiritual lessons of our lives (sometimes known as ‘karma’).

We are constantly in a dance between the Goal Line and the Soul Line, and the resulting graph looks kind of like the lines on the screen of an Etch-A-Sketch. As we move forward toward a goal, anything inside us that is not in alignment with that goal will come up to be healed. Usually, as we grow into the new, improved, bigger, better version of ourselves, we need to clear many limiting beliefs that fit us fine in the past but are not aligned with who we are becoming.

The way we know that is happening is that we get upset – hurt, angry, mad, insecure, etc. Whatever it is, it’s coming forward to be healed so that you can expand into the Future You that you are envisioning.

We need tools that work to help us manifest what we want and clear what we don’t want.

On the Goal Line, Tools for Conscious Living help us envision, plan and intentionally co-create the life of our dreams.

On the Soul Line, Tools for Transformation help us clear limiting beliefs, old traumas and judgments, and anything that is holding us back from becoming who we are meant to be as we co-create our goal.

Together, these tools will help you live your truth and fulfill your purpose.

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Tracie Devlin

“Cara, now I know my soul’s purpose and I am 100% confident in my coaching ability. You have changed my life in such a huge way;  you’re priceless!”       

Tracie Devlin, Earth Angel Coaching, 




“I was scattered, unfocused, and exhausted from being pulled in a dozen different directions. Now I move with great confidence, am making money, and am loving every bit of work I do. Cara, your wisdom and intuition is spot-on.” 
Charlotte Smith, Champoeg Creamery, St. Paul, Oregon

Picture“Cara, you have won my trust. If you tell me to do something, I will do it. And I don’t  do that lightly! Thank you for your enthusiasm, wisdom and insight on my behalf.” 


Jamie Morris, Book Editor and Writing Coach,


“Cara has helped me tremendously in connecting with my own inner wisdom and gaining true clarity on the steps I need to take to move toward my dreams. Cara doesn’t give you the answers, but the tools to help you connect with your higher self, your intuition, the most divine part of yourself that already KNOWS the answers. Cara has provided such immense value to my business, my relationship with myself, and my relationship with others.”  
Nina Huang,

“Before I began working with Cara, I had an idea, but no real plan. It was a true joy working with Cara. I looked forward to every one of our meetings. Cara ensures that you know you’re valued and that you have wonderful things to contribute to your world.  If you’re ready to try something new and to step out of your comfort zone (which might be why you’re seeking her in the first place), get ready to have your life changed.”

Sean Murphy, Marathon Brand Management


Cara, you have an amazing gift and I’m so grateful that you shared it with me. You helped me crack the shell that had been encasing my own healing for so long and now it’s beginning to pour out and have an effect. I know this is just the beginning. I really loved your energy and I wanted to say another heartfelt thank you to you.”

Kristan Cunningham, Pure Heart Mala


 CLICK HERE to sign up for your COMPLIMENTARY Coaching Session and I’ll help you move toward your dreams. 

The world needs you and your gifts and I can’t wait to help you make your dreams come true!

CLICK HERE to sign up for your COMPLIMENTARY Coaching Session and I’ll help you move toward your dreams. 

“I felt like Cara really got me and understood the deeper reason I do what I do – even though I forget it sometimes. I now feel clear on what my mission is (which is something I have been trying to do for years!). Cara’s help has made an immediate difference to my business. Almost instantly, I started getting waaaay more sales!  I feel so lucky to have connected with someone who truly understands me and what I do! ”      

Kate Fisher


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